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IDIOGLOSSIA a glossary of texts and terms generated in and around the Goldsmiths MFA Art Writing seminars at the Whitechapel Gallery 2011/2012 features contributions by:

Ed Atkins, Hannah Black, Federico Campagna, Joseph Fletcher, Mandi Goodier, Rebecca LaMarre, Julian Lass, George Major, Amélie Mourgue d’Algue, Mary Rinebold, Maru Rojas, Daniel Rourke, Liv Schulman, Beatrice Schulz, Linda Stupart and Iris Tenkink.

Edited by Joseph Noonan-Ganley and designed by Ken Kirton.

Author: Varioius
Editor: Joseph Noonan-Ganley AE:Rebecca LaMarre
Publisher: The Art Writing Guild
Designer: Ken Kirton
Pages: 130pp
Dimensions: 125mmx 204mm
ISBN: 978-0-9570294-3-9
Price: £12
P&P to UK: £3