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Sketchbook 2.0

As a print house we believe in helping the environment as much as we can. These sketchbooks are a random collection of all our test prints, mistakes, and offprints. They feature snapshots of overlaid artwork, thoughts and writings from Hato Press’ extended family and friends. This year featuring gloss laminated cover, super creep and elastic band binding. 7 colours available. Fluo Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Hunter Green, Federal Blue and Purple.

Author: N/A
Editor: Hato Press
Publisher: Hato Press
Designer: Various
Pages: 200pp + cover
Dimensions: 230 x 175 mm
Price: £5
P&P to UK: £3
UK order only for now

If you are buying more than one copy, we will recalculate and refund part of the shipping cost

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